Hear from the People and Pets Our Products Have Helped!

From the People:

“As a 70 year old woman with osteoarthritis I contend with pain daily and have developed a limp. I had heard about CBD but was reluctant to try it, thinking the claims must be exaggerated. I used the product and was amazed! Of course I’m not healed but at least I can tolerate the pain and the limping has improved. I would and have recommended this to friends. And the best thing is I know the ingredients in the Heart and Soil products are made with pure ingredients and are lab tested.” – Becky from Texas

Heart and Soil Seeds is an excellent company with great customer service. They have always been very helpful when it comes to answering my questions. I have personally bought CBD tinctures and seeds and they always arrive in a timely manner. Their products are one of a kind. 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend! – Kyle from Oklahoma 

“My anxiety is down and I’m sleeping awesome. I do one drop in the morning and then one when I get off work.” – Stu from Texas 

“I had an old basketball injury to my rotator cuff when I was in high school, and 35 years later I had surgery that has always been just a repair job. I was pretty much pain free for 10 years but recently I have had extreme tendonitis in the affected shoulder. Only two things work – your CBD oil or Advil. I’ll pass on the Advil.” – Tom from Texas

“I believe that oil helped me so much this morning. I woke up at 6 for work and was very anxious for some reason and took a half a dropper. By 6:45 I forgot I was even anxious. Your product is truly amazing. THANK YOU! I’m so glad I found a reliable one that I can continue to order from!” – Jared from Florida 

From the Pets (Pet Parents):

“Tonka has had high anxiety and also has senile epilepsy. I have had him on your full spectrum tincture for a little over a month now and he has been weaned off of his seizure medication (phenobarbital) and has not had any seizure activity since taking him off (veterinarian recommended, please do not just take your pets off of a seizure regimen without being instructed by a professional). He also used to hide when company was over and he had stopped playing with my other dog but since being on the full spectrum tincture from Heart & Soil he has been playing more and hangs out with everyone. I can’t recommend Heart and soil enough! The products are human grade so don’t think it’s just dog dogs. You should check out the benefits of this all natural product.  Thank you Brett!” – Megan from Texas

“This is Harley Quinn is my 4.5 year old red heeler and she has epilepsy. Because our family has learned we have options when it comes to our health, we decided to look into more holistic ways to treat her condition before pouring tons of money into medication that she would have to take indefinitely and give her awful side effects. That led me to reach out to my friend Brett at Heart & Soil for some high-quality CBD oil.

These days, I feel like CBD oil is a new trend, but with Brett it’s anything but “trendy.” It’s his passion. I watch the way he and his wife raise their little guy, hand picking fresh strawberries from their yard in the morning, and I know it’s a business and a friend I can trust! Plus I know exactly where the product comes from and who I am supporting.

I am so grateful to say that today, we have successfully gone from 3-6+ seizures per month to ONE in the past 5 weeks. 

Thank you, Brett, for educating the masses on the power of plants.” – Nikki from Tennessee